Green by design, eco-friendly at our core

Studio Becker was a “green” company long before it was a trend. 25 years ago, while the green movement was in its early stages in the U.S., studies about the negative effects both formaldehyde and PVC have on our health were already being concluded in Europe. This, along with the concern for the earth’s health and the sustainability of natural resources, brought strict environmental guidelines into effect across many production industries in Europe where our products are manufactured.
While remaining firmly focused on environmentally friendly products, Studio Becker quickly became a leader in the industry with forward-thinking design development, utilizing the latest in technology and unique materials.
Today, we continue to uphold the most stringent guidelines in our manufacturing process for eco-friendly products. We care about your health, we care about the world we live in and the products we make for you. Whether storing in our furniture the plates you eat from, or the clothes that touch your skin, you can take comfort in knowing we use safe, earth-friendly materials.