Production & Quality

Our Process

You've Come to the Right Place   You've Come to the Right Place

Work with us on everything from the smallest details to the overall design, then our product specialists and craftsmen will bring your visions to life.
Only the Perfect Material Will Do   Only the Perfect Material Will Do

We strive for perfection in everything we do, transforming the finest natural materials into the finest furniture and accessories in the world. Only the best material is awarded the honor of becoming Studio Becker furniture.
The Final Inspection   The Final Inspection

Meticulous pre-delivery inspection and preparation is the precursor to the uncompromising shape of things to come.  Only when we are 100% satisfied that everything is perfect will the furniture be handed over to you.
An Exclusive Journey   An Exclusive Journey

All transportation of your furniture is in exclusive containers; your items will never be comingled with other products to guarantee a flawless and timely delivery from our factory to your door.
Installation and Happy Clients   Installation and Happy Clients

Taking delivery of your Studio Becker furniture is undoubtedly one of life’s true pleasures - this is where luxury begins and your enjoyment will continue for many years to come.