Buena Vista Home

Buena Vista, CA
Collection M
This expansive custom home set on a mountaintop in the San Francisco Bay Area enjoys panoramic views from San Francisco to San Jose and beyond. A clean and modern exterior with a rooftop garden leads to warm tones and a comfortable interior. Studio Becker millwork includes the main kitchen, butler's pantry, walk-in pantry, and dining room.

An engineered wood was used in the kitchen and butler's pantry, with a tight grain pattern, a custom stain, and special sheen as requested by the design team. Unique features include added depth for appliance storage, electric opening wall cabinets, flush cooktop and hood installation, and integrated LED lighting. For cooking and baking, there are 2 double ovens, 3 sink stations, tambour cabinets for added appliance storage, and extensive storage along the panelized wall. 

The dining room was enhanced with the continuation of panel reveal details from the exterior being pulled inside, a distinguishing feature of the custom finished wall paneling.

The pantry serves as the main storage area, dressed in beech veneer, with open shelves for easy access. Another fully integrated refrigerator is also housed here, along with a fully integrated dumbwaiter which services the rooftop garden. A stacked laundry set also provides easy cleaning of all kitchen linens.

Visually expansive yet functional and accessible, this space is the result of detailed planning, catered to the client's lifestyle.

Project designed in collaboration with Saint Dizier Design.
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