Golden Hills

This home was originally built in the mid-2000’s as a spec home, and purchased by a Silicon Valley executive. Being a spec home, the interior finishes were simple, and the millwork quality was poor. The San Francisco showroom team was contracted to replace most cabinetry and millwork throughout the house to a higher quality level, with a more modern aesthetic. Key elements in the scope were the master wardrobe- to accommodate shoes and handbags for her; and the garage, utilizing a carbon fiber finish to mimic the material found in his collection of exotic cars. Areas completed include the master bath, master wardrobe, master bedroom dresser and wall paneling, several interior doors, living room storage cabinetry, dining room wet-bar, kitchen, hallway storage cabinetry, theater entry cabinetry, and garage. The engineered wood veneer found throughout the master suite pairs well with the white matte lacquer designed in the master suite and in most other areas, and provides a warm tone to the otherwise bright and modern design.
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