For Valuables

There are so many unique and exquisite features utilized in a Studio Becker Wardrobe, culminated by our exclusive Accessory Collection and innovative, space-saving equipment that will bring you great joy. We have created a beautiful atmosphere to start your day with a convenient, perfectly designed place for everything. Every detail has been thought of to help make your life luxuriously organized. These innovative and space-saving accessories are available exclusively to registered owners of Studio Becker wardrobes.

A client favorite is our concealed, electronic safe that stores your precious items in a location known only by you as it is securely hidden within your wardrobe. The safe is integrated into the space and hidden within the design, with the location specific to each commission. Secure, yet so convenient.

The Concealed Elevation System (CES) is another great way to secure valuables. In its raised position the CES offers full access to your valuables, and when lowered to its closed position it is essentially undetectable.

Studio Becker watch winder cassettes are an optimal way to safely store your watches. They are handcrafted using our exclusive Alcantara material and renowned Wolf Designs provides the winder technology. Each cassette rotates 600 turns per day with options for clockwise, counter clockwise and bi-directional rotation followed by an 18 hour sleep phase.
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