For Shoes & Shoe Care

There are so many unique and exquisite features utilized in a Studio Becker Wardrobe, culminated by our exclusive Accessory Collection and innovative, space-saving equipment that will bring you great joy. We have created a beautiful atmosphere to start your day with a convenient, perfectly designed place for everything. Every detail has been thought of to help make your life luxuriously organized. These innovative and space-saving accessories are available exclusively to registered owners of Studio Becker wardrobes.

Specialty accessories for shoes include:
  • The pull-out shelves with two rows of separately extendable shelves for easy accessibility
  • The adjustable shelf angled for  better visibility
  • The shoe carousel for the ultimate shoe collection rotates effortlessly with the touch of a finger and includes a full-length mirror on the back
Specialty accessories for shoe care include:
  • The shoe care insert has everything you need at your fingertips
  • Men’s and women’s shoe trees extend the life of your shoes by preserving the shape keeping creases from developing
  • Boot forms that hang to keep your boots in perfect shape
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