Wine Cellar Mahogany

Stained Mahogany Veneer Matte
660 Bottles/55 Cases
The Studio Becker Wine Cellar™ -- where beautiful form meets true function for safely storing and displaying a wine collection. The system was designed with the key elements of proper storage and ease of accessibility in mind, all framed within fine furniture and available in a fantastic array of finishes.

These are the keys to the Studio Becker Wine Cellar...
  • No more tagging: Patented shelving is designed so that all labels are visible without moving the bottles. Store an entire case of wine on one shelf and still see the labels!
  • The wine sleeps well: A unique scalloped surface cradles each bottle individually at the correct angle to ensure the best storage conditions.
  • In-tact labels: All surfaces are smooth and accessible so Labels on your prized bottles will not be scratched or scuffed by rough surfaces or need for excessive movement.
  • Won’t disturb the neighbors: Interior chrome supports in the diagonal cabinet design allow for individual bottles to be removed without disturbing other bottles.
  • More storage: An exclusive drawer system provides additional storage, that can be discreet if needed, for both wine and stemware with solid beech inserts. Features felt-lined scoops that individually protect and separate each bottle or glass.
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