Welcome to StudioBecker’s Private Collection for baths — our bespoke product that is individually handcrafted for you in Germany by master carpenters.

The projects shown here are just a small sampling of the countless possibilities that can be created for your bath. Each door style is custom-made for you in an infinite selection of colors, finishes, materials and sizes.

Every detail is considered — like custom cut-outs that allow for both plumbing pipes and drawer storage below a sink.  All sink cabinets are also lined in a textured stainless steel to provide durability and water resistance.

ABOVE: Floating vanities are a great way to bring a sense of airiness to a room.

StudioBecker also specializes in custom millwork designs. For instance, a vanity that has a tansu-like appearance for a touch of the East, tub surrounds for a uniquely finished tub, and one-of-a-kind door styles to express your individuality.

A powder room with a hotel-inspired atmosphere utilizes a floating black lacquer vanity featuring a 1/4” raised profile around the door perimeter for a touch of texture that feels classic and modern.

ABOVE: Ultra-modern ‘his and hers’ master bath vanity sections were designed to be wall-mounted utilizing thick, black lacewood frames and 15” thick marble slabs for the countertops with integrated sinks.

A retro-inspired design with a modern touch features a vanity cabinet  with a custom veneer finish. The vanity sits on a satin stainless steel leg frames system. The elongated, integrated pulls further enhance the retro-modern aesthetic. The mirrored medicine cabinets feature both side lighting and down-light. The final touch is the linen closet doors created with back-painted glass—the paint color of which was chosen specifically to complement the tile selection.

SLEEK can be accomplished with a clean, white approach…or use of bold color.

A panelized mirror frame designed in the same radiant blue as the floating vanity creates a statement powder room for guests to enjoy.

Laundry areas can be dedicated rooms or neatly concealed in compact spaces.

A client’s favorite hand-painted feather wallpaper was the inspiration for this unique powder room vanity. A custom-built cabinet was created and then the wallpaper was meticulously lacquered to the vanity fascia by our craftsman in Germany to ensure it was water-resistant.

A textured finish on a high gloss white vanity adds a subtle aesthetic element.

High gloss white lacquered cabinetry used throughout the master bath and adjoining walk-in master wardrobe creates a light and airy space. The vanity cabinetry floats above the floor with accent down-lighting.