StudioBecker offers exclusive wardrobe accessory systems that are meticulously designed to provide luxurious organization in your StudioBecker wardrobe. Every item of your clothing and accoutrements is carefully considered so that each has a special place of its own in your closet.

In addition to classic organizational elements, StudioBecker also offers specialty items for the final touches to your wardrobe.  Drawers with hidden locks, concealed elevation systems operated biometrically that discreetly store valuables, integrated safes, and concealed or displayed watch winders to keep your time pieces running smoothly are just a few of these specialty items.

Simple spaces can be planned with just the right elements for your storage needs, or to create the perfect design for a guest room.

StudioBecker’s Luggage Collection for light travel is made by hand in Italy to faithfully protect and organize your clothing and accessories for your next adventure away. The garment bag, travel bag, attaché and toiletry bag are available in cognac leather piping on beige with gold accents, or black with chrome accents. The beauty case offers a myriad of surprises, including the ability to directly transfer jewelry inserts from your closet to your beauty case. Luggage accessories, such as the tie case, shoe bags and shirt bags add the finishing touches to your travel.

Specialty organizational systems offered by StudioBecker include: His & Her Hanger Collection, Luggage & Travel Collection, Jewelry Insert Collection, Shoe Care Collection, Storage Box Collection, Concealed Elevation Systems, Watch Winders, Hidden Safes, Lingerie Inserts, Corner Carousels, Belt Storage, Pull-down rods for accessing items stored up high, Pull-out Equipment for laundry baskets and ironing boards, as well as accessible displayed storage of shoes, shirts, belts, ties and pants.

Each StudioBecker wardrobe accessory is planned exclusively for your organizational needs, which will make getting dressed the highlight of each day.