Wardrobe Lingerie Drawer

Welcome to StudioBecker’s Wardrobe Collection, our bespoke closets that are individually handcrafted for you in Germany by master carpenters in any finish, style or color you desire.

The projects shown here are just a small sampling of the countless possibilities that can be created for your wardrobe. Our exclusive organizational accessories will make getting dressed the highlight of your day.

Wardrobe Island Glass Top

Creating an environment that is simultaneously a pleasure to be in, aesthetically pleasing and practical to use is our specialty. Every StudioBecker wardrobe is designed to specification for your life style and with every detail considered.

A narrow spaces calls for creativity in this master wardrobe designed using sculpted matte white lacquer art cubes for storage of purses and shoes. Contrasting mahogany wood and specialty museum lighting create a true boutique-style space.

If space doesn’t allow for a dedicated walk-in closet, StudioBecker’s custom door systems can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your wardrobe collection, or conceal it behind beautiful, furniture-quality doors.

Intricate details such as hand-stitched leather drawer pulls and customized art panels that double as closet doors are signature StudioBecker design elements that add a unique and luxurious touch to your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe space can be designed with doors that conceal all of your belongings, as an open, boutique-like space, or a combination of both concepts.