StudioBecker’s Wine Rooms + Bars are exquisitely designed with the key elements of proper wine storage in mind.

Whether you are in need of a walk-in cellar, a custom built furniture piece to display your wine collection, a bar for serving guests, or unique wine storage solutions, StudioBecker custom designs each commission in any finish you desire.

This floating wine cellar was designed for a client who wanted wine storage that could be artistically displayed in the living area. The wine cellar display utilizes a threaded-wire suspension system that gently and securely cradles each bottle between chamfered walnut blocks. The wine display is enclosed in glass, serving as both a central art piece within the living space and properly cooled wine storage.

This is a playable, programmable piano that opens with a push of a button to reveal a stunning bar, complete with an ice bucket, champagne cooler, glassware, and hand-stitched leather compartments to house the necessary preparations for the enjoyment of the finest rolled cigars. The StudioBecker piano bar is one of many unique designs to intrigue, inspire, and create an atmosphere that your guests will never forget.

From exquisite, all glass, walk-in wine cellars and distinctive entertaining bars that complement a kitchen area, to classic serving bars and artistic wine displays and storage, StudioBecker specializes in providing unique solutions for each space.

Our patented shelving includes a scalloped shelf that perfectly stores a case of wine with one bottle displayed in front so that you know exactly which vintage is on each shelf.

Each exclusive design expresses the homeowner’s wishes. This is an example of a wine display wall with complex curves contrasted by the simple straight lines of the wine shelves, such that each bottle becomes an objet d’art.

ABOVE: A nautically inspired wine room is cleverly concealed behind a secret doorway in the kitchen — the perfect surprise for guests when it’s time to open a bottle of wine.

BELOW: What appears to be an accent wall of blue lacquered paneling at first glance, turns out to be a beautiful and completely functional wet bar with all of the necessities — a dishwasher, wine fridge, sink, electric drawers for storage, and integrated lighting are artfully concealed.