Green By Design, Eco-Friendly At Our Core

StudioBecker is where exquisite design, innovation and craftsmanship meet environmentally responsible production. We utilize wood from sustainable sources, as well as recyclable materials that are PVC and formaldehyde-free so that no poisonous gases are emitted. Whether storing the plates we eat from, or the clothes that touch our skin, our clients can take comfort in knowing we use safe, earth-friendly materials.

  • StudioBecker’s introduction into the American market in 1987 was long before it was trendy to be a “green” company in the US. However, the green movement in Europe, where StudioBecker’s products are manufactured, was well underway. Studies were being concluded in Europe about the negative effects that formaldehyde and PVC were having on people’s health and this, along with the fast-growing issue of sustainability of natural resources, brought strict environmental guidelines into effect across many production industries in Europe.
  • StudioBecker quickly became a leader in the industry with its forward–thinking design development, utilizing the latest in technology and unique materials, while remaining firmly focused on environmentally friendly products.
  • StudioBecker continues to uphold the most stringent guidelines in our manufacturing process for eco-friendly products and is currently involved with “Project Zero Emissions”. Our products are already certified to be formaldehyde-free, as there is no formaldehyde added during the production process. However, it is known that formaldehyde occurs naturally in wood such that there is a small amount inherently present in the material. Now, much of our program is available in (European) Emissions Class E-0. For this product, the naturally occurring formaldehyde is extracted from the wood. This is the perfect product for allergy sufferers or those who are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde (may limit finish selection).
  • StudioBecker’s commitment to environmentally safe production means that our products contribute to a project’s ability to earn LEED points. We are proud to be the chosen kitchen supplier for Arterra, the first LEED-certified, green high-rise building in San Francisco, as well as Nove, a Leed-H Platinum certified building.
  • As members of the US Green Building Council, StudioBecker is pleased to participate in the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible–healthy places to live and work.
  • StudioBecker products are CARB2 Compliant. CARB2 is a certification process instituted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Phase 2, to reduce formaldehyde emissions and protect the public from airborne toxic contaminants.