With its origins in Scandinavia, StudioBecker was started by Harald Vaernes Sr. as a plumbing and bath business in Norway in 1946. By 1960 distribution of manufactured cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes and baths began. When Harald Sr.’s son, Roar Vaernes took over the family business in 1976, it became the largest retail kitchen and bath company in Norway. In 1986, Roar Vaernes moved his family to San Francisco, California, and StudioBecker was established as a US-based company the following year. The company quickly became known for luxury kitchens and baths and in 1998 began production of truly bespoke furnishings with unlimited flexibility and product offerings for every room of the home.

All manufacturing takes place in Germany and StudioBecker takes great pride in their environmentally-friendly practices: All products are eco-friendly, produced with wood from sustainable sources and recyclable materials that are PVC and formaldehyde free so that no poisonous gases are emitted.

Our expansive manufacturing facilities give us the flexibility to make handcrafted, custom cabinetry for single residential projects, while also having the capacity to produce cabinetry in volume for multi-unit projects.

Through the Years


Smart-phone controlled wheels on our furniture are introduced so that furniture can be moved via voice-command.


The Art of Integration is introduced–with the click of a button an accent wall is transformed into a fully functional wetbar that can be concealed again within seconds.


The Ultimate Piano Bar is created–a functional Grand Piano that secretly conceals a full-service bar and cigar display.


Innovation continues as StudioBecker introduces sustainable salmon leather as a furniture finish.


StudioBecker introduces induction cookware in cast iron and stainless steel, with specialty wooden inserts for easy storage.


The Wine Cellar system is introduced, designed with the key elements of proper wine storage in mind.


StudioBecker pioneers Carbon Fiber as a furniture finish.


The Concealed Elevation System is introduced for easy access to small appliances, or to hide valuables–all biometrically controlled.


Roar’s sons, Eric and Harald Vaernes, join the family business serving as principals of the company, continuing the family legacy and world-wide expansion.


Another first: The introduction of fine bone china, glass stemware and sterling silverware, organized in wooden drawer inserts.


StudioBecker introduces the jewelry system and luxury luggage.


StudioBecker is first to introduce the wardrobe carousel, making a closet corner usable space.


The company starts production of hand-made, custom-built furniture, and expands capabilities to furnish custom millwork for an entire home with unlimited flexibility, and continues to introduce new features that are “firsts” to the industry: (1) Drawers that are 5cm/2” deeper than the industry norm for extra storage capability (2) A solid wood core, eliminating particle board.


StudioBecker is first to introduce aluminum as a door front material that resists fingerprints.


StudioBecker is the first to introduce environmentally friendly products into the U.S. market, based on strict European emission and sustainability requirements.


Roar Vaernes moves his family to San Francisco and establishes the current headquarters the following year.


The franchise concept for luxury kitchen and bath showrooms is born, and the business grows into 20 showrooms across Scandinavia.


Roar Vaernes takes over the family business and expands the showroom that becomes the largest retail kitchen and bath showroom in Scandinavia.


Distribution of manufactured cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes, and baths in the Norwegian market begins.


Harald Vaernes Sr. starts a plumbing and bath business in his basement in Norway and shortly thereafter opens a retail showroom.