Material Selection

The Raw material for your furniture is meticulously hand-selected based on your design. Strict guidelines regarding quality and sustainability are used to ensure only the highest quality pieces are being utilized.

Hand Built

Creating something truly bespoke is part of the StudioBecker experience. Every piece of furniture is hand built for you in its entirety by our master carpenters in Germany without an assembly line in sight.


Evolution is our continuing pursuit of innovation. We invest in innovation with new materials and leading edge technology, while continuing to preserve the tradition of quality furniture making and maintaining the strictest quality control standards.


A beautiful blend of embracing technology and utilizing the traditional expertise of our master carpenters allows us to create your perfect furniture — designs that appear effortless yet add ease and joy to your life through technology integration.


The Accessory Collection provides freedom to completely tailor your furniture to your lifestyle, making sure your StudioBecker furniture is a true expression of your individuality.